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Welcome to Hananoyu

Unlike a formal image of Kyoto, this sento (public bath) has a homeyatmosphere. It is like you came back to your parents’ home.

This public bath was founded 63 years ago. In this history, we have been loved a large number of families. We are so happy to have some customers’ground children as our new guests. This long history has been created with them.

The atmosphere in here is the classic style in *the Showa era. There is calm and tranquil environment. Green neon lights are beautiful in medicinal bath which is the speciality of Hananoyu.
(*The Showa era (1926 – 1989): This era expresses Japanese classic culture and style.)

You can feel relief whenever you come in such a public bath, “Hananoyu”.You must come and enjoy this sento once.

You will surely feel Japanese classic culture as if you had time travel to the Showa period. Then it is sure that you can loosen up your body as well.



Our original stickers now on sale(¥50) !

A great souvenir of your visit to the Hana-no-Yu spa (・∀・)


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